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Do my boobs make me incompetent?

Howdy, friends. Working full-time while raising two young children sometimes makes me feel like I’m doing a half-hearted job at everything I do. When I’m home with the kids, I’m often checking my work email, or thinking about work. When … Continue reading

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Easter photos

Howdy friends. We had a very nice, low-key, non-religious Easter at our house. It was all about the bunny, baby. Genevieve got to wear her hand-me-down Easter dress for a little while. Until I worried it was a little chilly … Continue reading

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A bit of heaven

Howdy, friends. It’s a rare day that this happens. I woke up before the kids and had coffee in peace. I ran 12 miles with three great girlfriends on a cool, cloudy, windless morning (relatively speaking). I got home to … Continue reading

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My new girl crush

Howdy, friends. Since this is a running blog, at least in part, perhaps I should talk some running? I am woefully behind the times this week with Boston coverage. I was home with two sick kids on Monday, so I … Continue reading

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Seeking advice

Howdy, friends. I need some advice. We have been working on potty training Jack (and by “we,” I mean daycare has done the lion’s share of the work and we sort of do it at home). He doesn’t tell us … Continue reading

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Potty training

Howdy, friends. This is the part where I thank my lucky stars for daycare. Seriously. Daycare got Jack to nap without a pacifier (though bedtime at home is still paci-friendly). Daycare got Jack to nap without being swaddled. Daycare is … Continue reading

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Reading “Room”

Howdy, friends. Just a quick update. I just started “Room” by Emma Donoghue today. Here is a link to a review of it. It comes pretty highly recommended to me, and it’s the choice for our July book club this … Continue reading

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Taking paci to college

Howdy, friends. You know what’s really mean? Trying to take your toddler’s pacifier away. I know because I tried last night. I don’t know what came over me. I had a baby with a fever (and a double ear infection, … Continue reading

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My baby loves TV

Howdy, friends. So, it’s no secret that Philip and I were pretty strict with our son, Jack, and his television time. Except a few times when he was really sick and I turned on “Sesame Street” for a few minutes, … Continue reading

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Long run

Howdy, friends. First some running talk — I am happy that I got in a nice 14-miler this weekend. I think I made the right call in not doing a spring marathon (though now I am thinking about Swan Lake … Continue reading

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