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Bye-bye, boobies

Howdy, friends. You know, you just kind of forget how breastfeeding trashes your body. I nursed Jack for 14 months. Then a few months after I stopped, I got pregnant with Genevieve. Which meant, yay, I had boobs (tiny ones) … Continue reading

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Injury update, marathon looming

Howdy, friends. The Twin Cities Marathon is fast approaching. Dear god. I am not ready. I don’t think I’ve been this poorly trained for a marathon since my first one — and let’s not talk about how badly THAT went. … Continue reading

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Our Griswold Family Vacation

Howdy, friends. Last week, Philip and I packed our car with two portable cribs, two suitcases, a week’s worth of baby food, a year’s worth of toddler snacks, a pack of diapers, and a motley assortment of board books, coloring … Continue reading

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Wearing a real bra

Howdy, friends. Well, soon after I posted about breastfeeding, trying to rally myself to make it pumping another two months, I just gave up. There are a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is I just could not pump. … Continue reading

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Biker boy

Jack rockin’ his Strider bike, Ohio University shirt and pink shoes, baby.

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Turning 3

Howdy, friends. At this time three years ago, I was jacked up on Pitocin, waiting for our baby to be born. We didn’t know if our first child would be a boy or a girl, and we were excited to … Continue reading

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