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Christmas 2013: A plunger, a virus, a parasite

It started the week before Christmas. My dad, my hero, called and told me he couldn’t make his visit because he hadn’t been feeling well. He went to his doctor and had some tests run. We all awaited the results, … Continue reading

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Little blob of super good writing

Like that title? I thought you would. Super good writing is super good, you know. Unlike what I do here. I was reading an article on newspaper competition in New Orleans, and there was a link to this book review, … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas …

Howdy, friends. I used to be a huge grinch. OK, not completely grinchy, but not in love with Christmas, either. My dad and I traveled every year, and after a while, we didn’t see the point in putting up our … Continue reading

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Who wants more Elyria?

Howdy friends. I am so dumb — that New York Times piece was a five-part series, not 3. Here are the 4th and 5th parts. It focuses on Elyria, Ohio, my hometown (though I’ve been in Sioux Falls for 11 … Continue reading

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Just me and my Dad

Howdy, friends. When I was about 14, I bought the Mercer Mayer “Just Me and My Dad” book — one of the Little Critter series — for my nephew, who was about 2 at the time. I remember crying when … Continue reading

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Keeping America moving

Howdy, friends. I’m originally from Ohio, the Cleveland area, and my dad worked for General Motors for more than 40 years. He was, is, proud of his work, proud of Chevy, proud of being a union man. I’m proud, too. … Continue reading

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Our Griswold Family Vacation

Howdy, friends. Last week, Philip and I packed our car with two portable cribs, two suitcases, a week’s worth of baby food, a year’s worth of toddler snacks, a pack of diapers, and a motley assortment of board books, coloring … Continue reading

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The joy of a parade

Howdy, friends. After our race on Monday, Philip and I took the kids to downtown Lennox, S.D., to watch their small-town parade. I’ve heard good things about it, but before I had kids, going to watch a parade just wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Dear dad

Happy father’s day to my dad, John Palfy. To the man who let me eat donuts for breakfast. Who let me stay up late to watch Westerns. Who took me to see the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. Who bought … Continue reading

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