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Christmas 2013: A plunger, a virus, a parasite

It started the week before Christmas. My dad, my hero, called and told me he couldn’t make his visit because he hadn’t been feeling well. He went to his doctor and had some tests run. We all awaited the results, … Continue reading

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All they want for Christmas …

… is a Nerf gun. UPS or FedEx or whoever is delivering this, please hurry. Or there will be one extremely disappointed kiddo here on Dec. 25. It’s all he’s asked for — and it’s on the list he wrote … Continue reading

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Holiday hilarity — in photos

Howdy, friends. Just a little photo action from the past week. The kids had their Christmas program. Jack did a great job, and did a little dance with another preschooler. He perfectly played his part — standing there while his … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas …

Howdy, friends. I used to be a huge grinch. OK, not completely grinchy, but not in love with Christmas, either. My dad and I traveled every year, and after a while, we didn’t see the point in putting up our … Continue reading

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Our Santa photo, finally

Howdy, friends. Just a quick post of the kids and Santa, taken by a local photographer here. I figure I should get this up before New Year’s, right? Look at Genevieve’s big old party dress. Love it. I perhaps should … Continue reading

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Books, running and some trashy TV

Howdy, friends. I keep putting off posting because I feel like I need to write this holiday post about how great it was, how magical, how blessed, complete with perfect photos of happy kids and a perfectly trimmed tree. It’s … Continue reading

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Some book notes

Howdy, friends. First of all, thanks for the kind words yesterday. My day started off shitty and just got worse — ending with a trip to the doctor for Genevieve and a few days of nebulizer treatments for her. Her … Continue reading

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