My new girl crush

Howdy, friends.

Since this is a running blog, at least in part, perhaps I should talk some running?

I am woefully behind the times this week with Boston coverage. I was home with two sick kids on Monday, so I didn’t even get to watch the race until they went to bed — hours after it happened. I knew that an American woman didn’t win (I confess, I don’t care that much about the men’s race, though I find the world record debate fascinating), but that was about it.

It was awesome to watch the end of the race. I don’t follow road racing all that well, just here and there, and had never heard of Desiree Davila. But holy cow, watching her run was awesome. She seemed so efficient, so focused, and I swear, only her legs moved. It was wild. It was like watching a metronome. I loved how controlled she seemed.

And I really loved the fight in her. I got totally teared up watching her hang on for second place. And she was so close, so, so close to winning. Even though I knew she wouldn’t — because of spoilers all day — I still found myself cheering and hoping and on the edge of my seat.

Desiree Davila

She is awesome. I read a great interview with her after the race here.

I really love this quote: “Sometimes they got a little soft on the pace, and I thought, ‘Don’t let them settle.’ So I made it honest. I wanted to be sure everyone would be on dead legs when it came to the finish.”

That’s definitely something to think about during races, you know? I mean, I know I’ve crossed a finish line wondering, did I really give it everything I had? I hope I can start answering “yes” to that more often.

I also really liked Kara Goucher’s blog post about the race here.

She said this about seeing Desiree: “By 16 miles I was completely out of contention. The real race was ahead of me. Then Desiree Davila went by me looking amazing. I knew she had a chance to catch the leaders and maybe win. As she passed me, she encouraged me. “Keep your eyes up,” she said. Now that’s classy.”

Nice. We’ve all been in a race where we’ve been passed or are passing someone, and I love that runners can be so encouraging to each other. I really love hearing that world class runners are that way — it’s not just us mere mortals, you know?

And Jesus, have you seen Kara lately?

Kara Goucher

Note to self: Stop eating so much crap food, you fat fuck.

Anyway. I feel totally pumped up for racing season after watching this coverage. And, more than anything, I feel like I truly want to try to re-qualify for Boston in Twin Cities. I know I will have to run 3:40 (and no :59 anymore, right?) with the new standards. So I will have to PR by 4 minutes. On a tougher course than I ran last time. But man, I am feeling hopeful, inspired and ready for the hard work ahead this summer. I might have to read this post again, and look at these photos again, to stay focused. But I’m willing to try.

Happy running.

PS: Jack kept his pajamas on last night. Since I put them on him backwards.

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