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Potty time!

Howdy friends. I should seriously refer to the last 3 days as the peekend, not the weekend. Good lord. But the only way through potty training is … through, right? We perservered. And Saturday was MUCH better. Only 2 wet … Continue reading

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Potty training, day 1

Today was our first day of official potty training. We decided to do all underpants, all the time for a few days, with regular trips to the potty, and try to get it done. Potty boot camp, baby. It went … Continue reading

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Currently reading, plus a photo

Howdy, friends. Just a quick update. I just started “Alice I Have Been” by Melanie Benjamin last night. Here is a review. I’m about 3 pages into it (I was exhausted yesterday), but so far, so good. Sometimes it’s hard … Continue reading

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Weekend in photos

Howdy, friends. We had a great weekend. My body is healing, thank god. Nursing is going fine, the kids were well-behaved and we all ate nutritious meals. Just kidding. The kids were stir-crazy with the heat, and on Saturday I … Continue reading

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Blood, sweat and tears

Howdy, friends. I think I might be done. Honestly. This week has been hell. First there was a trip to Urgent Care on Monday for bleeding nipples. I mean, they’ve been getting bad lately, but they suddenly got way worse. … Continue reading

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A little guilt is good

Howdy, friends. I was surfing earlier today and came across a link to this blog post about breastfeeding. It’s a pretty good read — especially the part about how we tune out advice about parenting all the time, and … Continue reading

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Books and movies

Howdy, friends. I just recently finished reading Joshilyn Jackson’s “Backseat Saints,” and man, it was SO good. I highly recommend it. She has a great writing style and her books are fast reads that suck you in. I have some … Continue reading

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The joy of a parade

Howdy, friends. After our race on Monday, Philip and I took the kids to downtown Lennox, S.D., to watch their small-town parade. I’ve heard good things about it, but before I had kids, going to watch a parade just wouldn’t … Continue reading

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A 10K race report: Crash and burn

Howdy, friends. First things first, we had pretty much the best weekend ever, in the eyes of our toddler, Jack. Here is just a partial list of all the fun things he got to do: Go to the swimming pool, … Continue reading

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