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Talking Viv

Howdy, friends. So, Viv is 2. She really didn’t talk much until she was about 15 months old, and then it was like nonstop full sentences. She has a TON of personality. And she is really bossy. (I don’t know … Continue reading

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Christmas tree, preschooler style

Howdy friends. Jack helped us trim our tree this weekend. I always hang fake apples because my mom did. I thought those were just right for Jack to hang. Unbreakable. Here’s how he did: It looks a little silly. But … Continue reading

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Topping 1,400 miles

Howdy, friends. I went over 1,400 miles for the year today. After 5 easy miles with Kristen and Chris, I logged my run and realized I was at 1,401. Not a goal number, or probably even a huge number of … Continue reading

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Best books of 2012, NY Times-style

Howdy, friends. The New York Times published its list of the 100 best books of 2012. You can find it here. How many have you read? I’ve only read two on here: “A Land More Kind Than Home” by Wiley … Continue reading

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I am a weakling

Howdy friends. I started the slow slide into panic last week about getting ready for the Boston Marathon. I know, it isn’t until April. It’s not even December yet. But if you consider I will be tapering for all of … Continue reading

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Currently reading … Sherman Alexie and Patrick DeWitt

Howdy, friends. I’ve been mowing through books lately, which is great, because I have about 40 of them on my nightstand. It makes me so happy to see that my son Jack’s nightstand looks the same — just crammed with … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas …

Howdy, friends. I used to be a huge grinch. OK, not completely grinchy, but not in love with Christmas, either. My dad and I traveled every year, and after a while, we didn’t see the point in putting up our … Continue reading

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Gobble gobble

Just a little quality holiday art courtesy of Jack. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Found art

Howdy friends. Just another picture that Viv took with my phone — or pone as she calls it. Right before she starts crying “mine!” and flailing until I let her take a picture of herself. Or half of herself and … Continue reading

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This is happening

Howdy friends. This came in the mail today: Yeah baby. I think I have about 19 weeks to race day. Today I stopped stuffing my face full of crappy food nonstop. And last week I hit 35 miles. So I … Continue reading

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