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Moms and daughters

Howdy, friends. My mom turned 70 this year. Last year, my dad turned 70, and two of my three sisters and I met up with him in Ohio, along with his sisters and our cousins, for a huge family reunion. … Continue reading

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Turning 2, in photos

Viv turned 2 yesterday. I tried to get some photos of her. Then let her take some of herself. Then tried one more time to get a photo. Which made her really mad. So I let her take some more, … Continue reading

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Do not stick things in your ears!

That’s what I told Viv. Right after I took this picture of her. “I have potato head ears!” she told me. This was a welcome bit of laughter after a day of collecting toddler stool samples. Good times. I’m going … Continue reading

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Day 4

We’re on Day 4 of major GI issues for Viv. I guess Day 6 if you count the nightmare of Jack’s issues Friday and Saturday. I need to disinfect every single part of our house. She looks cheerful, though.

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Currently reading: “In Zanesville”

Howdy, friends. I finally finished the book about the periodic table this weekend, which was really, really good. Why didn’t I love science books in school? Man, maybe I could have chosen a job that pays way more. Then again, … Continue reading

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Saturday in pictures

Howdy. It is a beautiful fall day. But we are stuck inside with a super sick Jack. And a restless Viv, who took this photo of herself with my phone: And a restless T Rex. Here’s to hoping everyone perks … Continue reading

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The art of fine motor skills

Howdy, friends. If you’ve followed this at all, then you know we have struggled with Jack’s fine motor skills, and a few other things this summer. We looked for all kinds of reasons for why he was behind — seizures, … Continue reading

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Who wants more Elyria?

Howdy friends. I am so dumb — that New York Times piece was a five-part series, not 3. Here are the 4th and 5th parts. It focuses on Elyria, Ohio, my hometown (though I’ve been in Sioux Falls for 11 … Continue reading

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My hometown in the NY Times

Howdy, friends. A three-part series on good old Elyria, Ohio, in the New York Times. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Happy reading.

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Family photo shoot!

Howdy, friends. My friend Emily took our annual family photos this past weekend. She is amazing — she makes us all look better than we actually look. Great photography is worth every penny — my best friend Laurel is a … Continue reading

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