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Cross-training my way to Boston

Howdy, friends. It doesn’t seem like time off is doing much to help with my injury — but it isn’t getting worse, so that’s good right? I’m doing everything I can to try to train without aggravating it. The good … Continue reading

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Jack’s gift to me

Howdy, friends. Jack has been extra funny today. He’s been really wonderful lately about a give-and-take in conversation, and it’s been fun. They even make sense, most of the time. So this morning, I told him my birthday was coming … Continue reading

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Things I learned today

Howdy, friends. I got in the pool today. To swim. For fitness. For the first time in 100 years. I learned a few things: 1. It’s called a pull-buoy, not a pool buoy. Who knew? And it’s really weird. 2. … Continue reading

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Howdy, friends. I had to put that in air quotes, because I don’t think you can technically call what I do in the pool real swimming. I took some swimming lessons about 9 years ago. They helped — I learned … Continue reading

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Currently reading: “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

Howdy, friends. I am so late to this book bandwagon. But last night I started this: Finally. I have heard so many good things about it. Here are some reviews, which I didn’t read because I don’t want any spoilers. … Continue reading

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In the pool

Howdy, friends. After whining all day yesterday, I decided to go out last night and buy a new swimsuit for pool running. The last time I bought one was 2006. I don’t need to tell you how saggy, baggy, horrible … Continue reading

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Me and my pelvis

Howdy, friends. I wish I were here writing about a 60-mile training week, and how excited I am to head to Boston in about 12 weeks. But I’m not. I’m here to write about how I took a full week … Continue reading

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Currently reading: “Gold” by Chris Cleave

Howdy, friends. I finally finished “Zoo Time,” which I hated. I was miserable the last 100 pages, just trying to power through. I mean, parts of it were really funny, but overall I thought it was way too much navel-gazing … Continue reading

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Zoo trainers and robots

Howdy, friends. Jack wrote his first book this weekend. It’s called “Zoo Trainers and Robots,” which accurately describes what it’s about. It also includes ice cream and a rake. Every weekend, when Viv naps, we try to do something special … Continue reading

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On Baby Jesus

Howdy, friends. If you aren’t a particularly religious person, it can be tough to answer some preschooler questions. Maybe that’s why religion was invented. I sure thought of that in December, when I had Santa to threaten with. If we … Continue reading

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