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The one where I hope there weren’t cameras

Howdy, friends. Sometimes I take the kids to a local elementary school playground to play after work. They like the different play structures, and it’s slightly closer than the park, good for just a quick trip after dinner. The unfortunate … Continue reading

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Lennox 4th of July parade

Howdy, friends. The real reason my friend Chris and I ran to Lennox yesterday was because this small town south of Sioux Falls puts on an awesome, old-fashioned Fourth of July. There are road races — and my husband Philip … Continue reading

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Parenting: When your son learns to ride a bike

Howdy, friends. Here is my column for this week’s paper: My son learned to ride a two-wheel bike this past week. Without training wheels. On the third trip down the driveway. He’s 4.5 years old. I don’t remember exactly how … Continue reading

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Jack’s gift to me

Howdy, friends. Jack has been extra funny today. He’s been really wonderful lately about a give-and-take in conversation, and it’s been fun. They even make sense, most of the time. So this morning, I told him my birthday was coming … Continue reading

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Zoo trainers and robots

Howdy, friends. Jack wrote his first book this weekend. It’s called “Zoo Trainers and Robots,” which accurately describes what it’s about. It also includes ice cream and a rake. Every weekend, when Viv naps, we try to do something special … Continue reading

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Howdy, friends. So, my son Jack is named after my dad, John. But my grandmother never called him John. She called him Jack, and usually, Jackie. She had to name him John, though, because you just gave your kids names … Continue reading

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More kid talk

Howdy, friends. I like to make sure to write down the funny stuff Jack and Viv have been saying because, as my dad reminds me weekly, I will forget. He tells me, “They’re going to ask you one day about … Continue reading

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Overthinking it

Howdy, friends. Sometimes, you need to just take a deep breath. Step back. Or get someone to slap you across the face and tell you to, “Snap out of it, woman!” which is sort of where I am. Last night … Continue reading

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Raising a bookworm

Howdy, friends. It’s Election Day, but this is a blog post gleefully free of politics. Unless you think reading is political. We celebrated a milestone this weekend: Jack got his first library card. He would not sit still long enough … Continue reading

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The art of fine motor skills

Howdy, friends. If you’ve followed this at all, then you know we have struggled with Jack’s fine motor skills, and a few other things this summer. We looked for all kinds of reasons for why he was behind — seizures, … Continue reading

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