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When best friends have babies …

Friends, My best friend Laurel had her second baby this weekend. We’ve been friends for 33 years, since I was 5 and she was 4. We still talk every single day, either over email or text and sometimes on the … Continue reading

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Celebrate good times, come on …

Howdy, friends. This will be a little hodgepodge of what’s up lately. Not much. Work. I feel like I work all the time. Everybody probably feels that way, so I’ll try not to dwell on it here. I spend many … Continue reading

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Bye-bye, maternity clothes

Here’s a sneak peak at my Sunday column: I shipped three boxes of maternity clothes to my best friend this week. It was a sad day, packing it all up, even though I knew it was going to a good … Continue reading

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Some notes on Viv

Howdy friends. I was talking to my friend Laurie the other night (and by that I mean we both were drinking wine and getting sappier and sappier over the course of our 2.5-hour phone call — which we do every … Continue reading

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5K with a double jogger

Howdy, friends. I recently won an entry into a local 5K. I haven’t “raced” a 5K since 2006, and I’m not really in shape to race one now. That’s a totally different kind of running than what I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Drunk texting

Howdy, friends. Last night, my husband was at work, and my best friend’s husband was out of town. That can only mean one thing: A lengthy phone call and a bottle of wine. I’ve been friends with Laurie since I … Continue reading

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