All race results

Just putting this here for my own record.

Race results


May 2004 Avera race: 55:58 (9:01 pace)

June 2004 Scamper for Campers:  58:27

Sept 2004 Turkey Day: 57:40

May 2005 Avera race: 55:30 (8:57 pace)

Sept 2005 Turkey Day: 53:07 (8:33 pace)

June 2006 Buffalo Days 10K 50:25 (8:05 pace, a week after a marathon)

July 2006 Lennox 10K 48:16 (7:47 pace)

Sept 2006 Turkey Day 10K: 47:34 (7:40 pace)

July 2008 Madison, SD, 10K: 54:14 (8:45), 32 weeks pregnant

July 2009 Lennox 10K: 45:40, 7:22 pace, 2nd woman overall

July 2009 Madison 10K: 45:24, 7:19 pace, PR


Sept 2001 SF half: 2:23:52 (10:59 pace)

Sept 2004 SF half: 2:22:21 (10:52 pace) (102 fever)

May 2005 Brookings: 2:09:14

July 2005 S. Sioux City: 1:53:23

August 2005 Fish Hook Challenge, MN, 2:01:31

Sept 2005 Sioux Falls half: 2:02:58 (9:20 pace)

May 2006 Brookings: 1:45:49 (8:05 pace)

Aug 2006 Fish Hook Challenge, MN: 1:50:52

Sept 2006 SF half: 1:49:33

July 2007 Okoboji Half Marathon: 2:03

Aug 2007 Fish Hook Challenge, MN: 1:50:48 (sixth woman overall)

Sept 2007 SF Half 1:51:05 (8:29)

Feb 2008 Hyannis Half-Marathon 2:10 (9:56) Ran with my sister Pam. About 10 weeks pregnant or so.

May 2008 Brookings Half-Marathon 2:01:19 (9:17) ran with a friend. I was 21 weeks pregnant.

June 2008 Swan Lake Half-Marathon, Viborg, SD 2:25. Ran with a friend. I was 25 weeks pregnant.

June 2009 Swan Lake Half-Marathon, 1:42:06, 7:47 pace, second woman overall. PR.

May 2011 Brookings Half-Marathon: 1:45 (bandit)

September 2011 Sioux Falls Half Marathon: 1:59, ran with a friend.

May 2012 Brookings Half-Marathon, 1:49:40 (watch time).


Feb 2007 Frostbite Four 34:36 Preggo.

Feb 2006 Frostbite Four 31:04 (7:45 pace)

Oct 2005 Trick-or-treat trail run:   36:24

Feb 2005 Frostbite Four 34:10

Nov 2001 Denver Turkey Trot: 44:23


July 2010, JazzFest 31:XX, pregnant, SUPER hot.

November 2008, Washington High 5K 23:XX

October 2008, President’s Day 5K 23:XX six weeks post-partum!

June 2008 Brandon Trail Run 26:XX, pregnant. Ran w/Philip.

April 2008 Corporate Cup: 24:37 (7:56 pace) 20 weeks pregnant.

Aug 2007 Fish Hook Challenge, MN: 26:33 (Immediately following the half-marathon.)

April 2007 Corporate Cup (3 mile): 21:18 (7:06) Third woman overall. PR.

April 2006 Corporate Cup (3 mile): 21:30 (7:10) Second place woman overall.

Aug 2006 Fish Hook Challenge, Minn. (preceded by a half marathon): 30:and change

January 2004 Denver Polar  Bear run: 31:26 (10:08 pace)


October 2001 Milwaukee  marathon: 6:19 (ouch)

October 2005 Twin Cities 4:46:23

May 2006 Vermont City Marathon 4:08:33

October 2006 Des Moines Marathon 3:56:08

October 2007, Twin Cities Marathon 4:41, record heat.

May 2009 Fargo Marathon 3:44:37, Boston-qualifier

October 2011 Twin Cities Marathon 3:58:19

January 2012 P.F. Chang Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon 3:41:49

October 2012 Twin Cities Marathon 3:39:13 — and a Boston qualifier

April 2013 Boston Marathon 3:51:24

September 2013 Sioux Falls Marathon DNF at mile 16 for heat


April  1, 2006: Spring Thaw, Sioux City: 1:18:42; Sixth woman overall; second in age group; 7:46 pace

April 7, 2007: Spring Thaw, Sioux  City: 1:19:37; Seventh woman overall; 7:57 pace.

Jack 15.2-mile race: 2:06 in 2007

Five milers

2008 St. Patty’s Day 5-miler 40:40 (8:08). Third woman overall. Pregnant.


One Response to All race results

  1. Dave Zimbeck says:

    Jacqueline: I wrote to you another time regarding a new route for the SF Marathon. I wanted to update you that we are close to getting the route established, and are coordinating with those in charge of the SF Half in order to run them from the same start and finish (Howard Wood Field) – but more on that later.

    Because of your interest in running, and your work with the Argus Leader, I wanted to tell you about an upcoming informal charity event. Each year, a group of 10-20 runners gather for our own version of a jingle-bell run/pub crawl. We “pass the hat” and donate money each year to the Argus Leader’s Lend a Hand campaign. It is somewhat anonymous as we donate in the name Top Hat Striders” (after the location of our first annual run).

    Just in case you or someone from the Argus is interested in covering (or running with) our group and cause; we are meeting this Thursday night (12/20) at 6:30 at J.L. Beers, downtown. We have a 3 mile course laid out where we hit another watering hole (Russ’s Silver Moon – by Falls Park) and run through the Falls Park light show, and then back to downtown. Most are dressed in one form of elf-reindeer-santa themed outfits.

    Be well.

    Dave Zimbeck

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