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Successful breastfeeding …

Howdy, friends. I read this today, about the challenges moms face when trying to get lactation services covered by insurance. I nursed both my kids — Jack for over a year, and Viv for about 10 months — and I … Continue reading

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More breastfeeding talk

Howdy, friends. I haven’t climbed on my lactation high horse lately. Seems time, no? I read this today, and I pretty much agreed with it. (The article she references is here.) The first post linked talks about how the New … Continue reading

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Bye-bye, boobies

Howdy, friends. You know, you just kind of forget how breastfeeding trashes your body. I nursed Jack for 14 months. Then a few months after I stopped, I got pregnant with Genevieve. Which meant, yay, I had boobs (tiny ones) … Continue reading

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Wearing a real bra

Howdy, friends. Well, soon after I posted about breastfeeding, trying to rally myself to make it pumping another two months, I just gave up. There are a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is I just could not pump. … Continue reading

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94 more times

Howdy, friends. I have been really cranky lately about breastfeeding. Well, not breastfeeding, but pumping. I am so, so sick of it. I realized I have spent almost four years being either pregnant, pumping or breastfeeding. That feels like a … Continue reading

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Weekend in photos

Howdy, friends. We had a great weekend. My body is healing, thank god. Nursing is going fine, the kids were well-behaved and we all ate nutritious meals. Just kidding. The kids were stir-crazy with the heat, and on Saturday I … Continue reading

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Blood, sweat and tears

Howdy, friends. I think I might be done. Honestly. This week has been hell. First there was a trip to Urgent Care on Monday for bleeding nipples. I mean, they’ve been getting bad lately, but they suddenly got way worse. … Continue reading

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A little guilt is good

Howdy, friends. I was surfing earlier today and came across a link to this blog post about breastfeeding. It’s a pretty good read — especially the part about how we tune out advice about parenting all the time, and … Continue reading

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5K with a double jogger

Howdy, friends. I recently won an entry into a local 5K. I haven’t “raced” a 5K since 2006, and I’m not really in shape to race one now. That’s a totally different kind of running than what I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Supply issues

Howdy, friends. After all my “Yay, breastfeeding!” posts, I am struggling again. Genevieve is almost 8 months old — big girl! — and my supply is dipping. This happened with Jack, too, around this time. I thought with him it … Continue reading

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