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Our Santa photo, finally

Howdy, friends. Just a quick post of the kids and Santa, taken by a local photographer here. I figure I should get this up before New Year’s, right? Look at Genevieve’s big old party dress. Love it. I perhaps should … Continue reading

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Books, running and some trashy TV

Howdy, friends. I keep putting off posting because I feel like I need to write this holiday post about how great it was, how magical, how blessed, complete with perfect photos of happy kids and a perfectly trimmed tree. It’s … Continue reading

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Jack’s Christmas Medley

Howdy, friends. Just thought I would share this video of Jack singing his Christmas songs. While making fake cookies out of Play-Doh. Aside: Why does Play-Doh smell so freakin’ good? Yum! Happy running.

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Uh, hi there

Howdy, friends. I should confess something here. I often run at lunch. And unless it is 100 degrees out and I am soaked in sweat,  I don’t take a shower afterward. I just put on more deoderant, tell myself my … Continue reading

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I knew it would happen one day …

Howdy, friends. We have been having amazing weather in South Dakota this December. I don’t think I could have chosen a better winter to marathon-train. I only have about 10 more days of crazy training before taper, so hopefully things … Continue reading

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Howdy friends. You can see how people found your blog, including random search terms. I love that someone stumbled across my work by searching “lame jogger.” Yes, that’s me. Lame jogger, checking in! I get a lot of hits from … Continue reading

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A diet … for nerds

Howdy, friends. I’ve talked about this before, my addiction. My problem, if you will, with benders. Book benders. It’s out of control. I keep lists of books, on random scraps of paper. When I’m stressed out at work, I surf … Continue reading

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Outrunning a train

Howdy, friends. First things first: I think I ran my fastest quarter mile ever today. Maybe even faster than my high school 400-meter runs. My friend Patrick and I were about a quarter mile from railroad tracks and saw a … Continue reading

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