Long run

Howdy, friends.

First some running talk — I am happy that I got in a nice 14-miler this weekend. I think I made the right call in not doing a spring marathon (though now I am thinking about Swan Lake in June). I feel like I will run a good half instead, and, more importantly, stay uninjured. I haven’t had any pubic ramus pain lately, which is awesome. I’ve even done some speedier runs and felt fine afterward. Let’s hope being conservative continues to pay off. I am finally feeling healthy and able to just run and enjoy it.

Now, if only I could feel well-rested, too. I feel like I now have an internal alarm that goes off at 4 a.m. every day, and I struggle to fall back asleep — then I do and oversleep, wah. And by oversleep I don’t mean actually sleep IN, I just mean don’t wake up until a kid wakes up, which means I don’t get some time to myself to get ready. And getting ready with the kids awake takes like 40 times as long. Ugh.

“Jack, don’t throw that down the laundry chute!”

Go give the baby a pacifier and turn her aquarium on.

“Jack, stop throwing things down there!”

“OK, Jack, bye-bye blankie. If you throw it down there, it’s all gone.” (Yeah right, like I would risk bedtime peace with a lesson on lost blankies. Ha! I’ll get that damn thing every.time., and he knows it.)

We had a nice weekend that involved some trips to the park. Late afternoon Friday was so sunny and warm — and windy, as usual — that we took a little family trip to the park. Genevieve slept in the front-carrier — she freakin’ loves that thing. Jack ran wild and insisted we bring this cheap plastic blue wagon thing with us. He hauled it everywhere, made it go down the slide and generally was a lunatic.

Here he is just THRILLED to be outside (Philip is behind him):

Dad, can you carry my little wagon, which I call "shovel"? Thanks.

And what’s just as fun as the slide and swings? The benches!

Mom wanted to type in some Velvet Underground lyrics here, but thought "I'm waiting for my man ..." would be inappropriate.

Other than that, it was a mellow weekend. I successfully got the baby to nap in her crib (instead of her swing) for about a half hour Sunday. Progress, baby! She still needs to be swaddled like she’s in a straitjacket, though.

That’s about it here.

Happy running.

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