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The one where I hope there weren’t cameras

Howdy, friends. Sometimes I take the kids to a local elementary school playground to play after work. They like the different play structures, and it’s slightly closer than the park, good for just a quick trip after dinner. The unfortunate … Continue reading

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Currently reading: “The Round House” by Louise Erdrich

Howdy, friends. I am just over halfway through this: It’s only the third book I’ve read by Louise Erdrich. I love it. Truly love it. Her writing makes me wish I had been a novelist. That I could write well … Continue reading

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Ray of light

Howdy, friends. I was feeling so hopeful about my stupid jacked up calf. I took some time off, got some rehab on it, waited until there was zero pain for more than a day and ran on it — and … Continue reading

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Minnetonka swimming pond

Howdy friends. We went here this weekend. (OK, we also went to a Twins game and did other stuff, and I went for a run here.) It’s enough to make you want to move to the Twin Cities. The park … Continue reading

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Here’s what we’re doing:

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“Does Siri live in your phone?”

Howdy, friends. Today I got lost taking my son to swimming lessons. It’s like a mile away from where I work. Hell, I’ve run there before, from work. So I’m not sure why I got so turned around. But I … Continue reading

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That really hurts

Howdy, friends. So, my bizarro calf cramp that won’t go away got weirder yesterday. My left leg cramped on Tuesday, and felt awful Wednesday. I haven’t run since basically falling down in pain earlier this week. I have done a … Continue reading

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Marathon pace groups, running while pregnant

Howdy, friends. No, I am not pregnant. We’re done with that in the Palfy Klemond house, unfortunately. But I did come across this article this week about running while pregnant. It talks about how you start to tilt your pelvis … Continue reading

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What was that?

Howdy, friends. I promised my dad two weeks ago I would buy a cheap spiral notebook and start writing down the things the kids say. I forgot. Last night he called me and yelled at me, telling me “the road … Continue reading

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Lennox 4th of July parade

Howdy, friends. The real reason my friend Chris and I ran to Lennox yesterday was because this small town south of Sioux Falls puts on an awesome, old-fashioned Fourth of July. There are road races — and my husband Philip … Continue reading

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