Potty training

Howdy, friends.

This is the part where I thank my lucky stars for daycare. Seriously. Daycare got Jack to nap without a pacifier (though bedtime at home is still paci-friendly). Daycare got Jack to nap without being swaddled. Daycare is helping Genevieve learn to nap in a crib. Daycare does all my parenting, so I don’t have to!

Just kidding. Kind of.

This week, daycare has been potty training my son. He has shown a little interest at home, mostly in the form of saying, “Are you poopy?” And then having a poopy diaper. Gotta telll me beforehand, kiddo. We had a little potty window right before the baby was born, where Jack seemed more interested, and actually peed on the potty a few times. Then it kind of was forgotten. And, let’s be honest, I just didn’t push it. Diapers are convenient. Don’t pretend it’s not handy to not have to rush your toddler to the potty.

But apparently peer pressure is where it’s at. Jack has been taking his pants and diaper off nonstop. Daycare teachers seized the opportunity — and have started putting him on the potty. And he’s using it! They asked us to send a pull-up on Thursday, so we did. And Jack kept it dry all day (except naptime) and asked for the potty regularly.

My big boy.

Of course, at home, he still just went in his diaper all day and night. But baby steps, right?

So, I sent him to daycare today with 2 pairs of underpants and 2 extra pairs of regular pants, for accidents.

His underpants have this on them:

We call him "Cowboy," since Jack wouldn't know who Woody is.

Hopefully Jack keeps Cowboy dry all day today. (I tried to find a photo of Toy Story 3 underpants, but decided Googling “Woody” and “Underpants” at work was a bad idea.)

I guess this means I need to work on this at home, too?

Happy running.

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