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Recently read: “Risk/Reward: Why Intelligent Leaps and Daring Career Choices are the Best Career Moves You Can Make”

Howdy, friends. I haven’t been updating with my books lately, and I’m going to try to do that again. I always like to see what others are reading, so maybe folks are still interested in what I’m reading. Normally I … Continue reading

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From pre-diabetic to marathoner, one runner’s story

Howdy, friends. As part of my work with 605 Running Co., I’m doing a monthly feature on local runners. Greg at the store told me to talk to Alyssa Schmidt, who had recently run her first marathon. We sat down … Continue reading

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Writing for runners

Howdy, friends. I’m happy to say that I will be sharing some of the good stories from the Sioux Falls running community on the 605 Running Co. blog. The posts will come out every Tuesday and highlight area runners and … Continue reading

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Fall changes

Howdy, friends. I haven’t been on this space in a while, as life gets in the way, like it does. But here I am again, looking for a place to share creative writing and the varying adventures in running and … Continue reading

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Genevieve turns 4

Howdy, friends. Today my beautiful Genevieve Ann turns 4. Four! The best thing about age 4? We’re all done with age 3, baby. Though I confess to misting up a bit today thinking about how 4 is definitely a kid, … Continue reading

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Journalists, a lost 50K and what I’m reading…

Howdy, friends. There are tons of tributes out there to Ben Bradlee right now. Here‘s a link to a few of them. I read his book “A Good Life” more than a decade ago and loved it, along with “Personal … Continue reading

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When we moved to suburbia

Howdy, friends. This is a sneak peek at my column for this Sunday. I apologize for the weird paragraph issues. No matter how many times I copy and paste it into here, it keeps deleting the breaks. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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First run after surgery

Howdy friends. Today I decided to try running again. I can’t lie — it was pretty crappy. I feel like I have zero core strength and like I’ve never exercised before in my life. But I did it. Pathetically. Slowly. … Continue reading

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Remember me?

Howdy, friends. Long time, no post. I had kind of a crazy spring that turned into a busy summer and then a weird fall. And every time I thought about posting, I felt like too much time had passed and … Continue reading

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Currently reading: “The Panopticon” by Jenni Fagan

Howdy, friends. This is what I’m reading now: Here and here are reviews from the New York Times. And here is one from NPR. And here is what Booklist had to say: Anais Hendricks, the tough, fiery 15-year-old at the … Continue reading

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