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Oh, the mommy wars

Howdy, friends. Like about a hundred million other people, I saw this posted on Facebook this week. Then I saw this today. I like the second one WAY better. Especially this part: Being a mom doesn’t make you into some … Continue reading

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When best friends have babies …

Friends, My best friend Laurel had her second baby this weekend. We’ve been friends for 33 years, since I was 5 and she was 4. We still talk every single day, either over email or text and sometimes on the … Continue reading

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Parenting: When your son learns to ride a bike

Howdy, friends. Here is my column for this week’s paper: My son learned to ride a two-wheel bike this past week. Without training wheels. On the third trip down the driveway. He’s 4.5 years old. I don’t remember exactly how … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day at Newton Hills State Park

Howdy, friends. We had a pretty great Mother’s Day at our house. My day started with a 12-mile run with several friends. We just ran these about 2-mile loops on dirt and gravel at a local park. Then I came … Continue reading

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Overthinking it

Howdy, friends. Sometimes, you need to just take a deep breath. Step back. Or get someone to slap you across the face and tell you to, “Snap out of it, woman!” which is sort of where I am. Last night … Continue reading

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On being mom enough

Howdy, friends. I think the entire mommy-blogging world is STILL talking about the Time magazine cover on attachment parenting, with the headline, “Are you mom enough?” I’ve read some pretty good commentary on it lately, including this note about how … Continue reading

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Some notes on Viv

Howdy friends. I was talking to my friend Laurie the other night (and by that I mean we both were drinking wine and getting sappier and sappier over the course of our 2.5-hour phone call — which we do every … Continue reading

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Biker babe, and some conversations

Howdy, friends. So, we bought a Burley bike trailer last year, and now Genevieve is old enough to ride in it with Jack. Of course, that means she needs a helmet. So Philip took her out to get one. Please … Continue reading

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Preschooler bedtime bullshit

Howdy, friends. We have had some maddening evenings here, dealing with bedtime issues. It’s frustrating on just about every level — I hate feeling so annoyed with my own kid, I hate thinking about how frustrated he must feel, and … Continue reading

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