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Winter run

Howdy, friends. Last week, a few of us were emailing back and forth, trying to figure out the last miserable part of the weekend, so we could go for a long run and not be beaten down by the weather. … Continue reading

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Tiny little running update

Howdy, friends. It’s still miserably cold here on the prairie. Normally winter doesn’t bother me — I love my snow boots, my running tights, my 10,000 colorful knitted winter hats, all of it. Sledding, snowshoeing, hot chocolate. This year seems … Continue reading

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Wake me up in April

Howdy, friends. I’ve barely blogged about running lately. It’s hard to write about it when you are barely slogging through and hating the winter. I still have not nailed down my race plans for the year — still thinking of … Continue reading

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My latest love affair

Howdy, friends. So, for Christmas, Philip asked me for some ideas. I sent him a giant list of suggestions. Which he took as a giant list to order … meaning my Christmas was full of killer new running gear. Of … Continue reading

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The year in running 2013

Howdy, friends. In keeping with our December From Hell, we also lost everything on our computer that hadn’t been backed up. And our last back up was at the beginning of November. I won’t even go into the mess this … Continue reading

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Post-race hangover

Howdy, friends. Every time I run a race that I’ve trained hard for, I end up the same way. The first week I’m super excited and can’t wait to do another one. And I also really enjoy the downtime — … Continue reading

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Race planning, a conversation

Howdy friends. Philip and I are trying to organize our many hobbies and obligations for 2014, and last night we had a chat about them. I already know I can’t join several friends on a rim-to-rim-to-rim run in the Grand … Continue reading

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Race Report: G.O.A.T.Z. 50K trail run

Howdy, friends. On Sunday, I ran my first ultramarathon — the G.O.A.T.Z. 50K in Omaha at Glenn Cunningham Park. It was also my first trail race. Good idea to combine my longest race with uneven footing, right? Friends, it was … Continue reading

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Week in running

Howdy, friends. I’m three weeks out from the race and had an OK week. I ended up with 54 miles, including 17.5 on Saturday and 17 on Sunday. It’s weird to have so many of my miles locked up on … Continue reading

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Weekend: Running, running, cyclocross, pie

Howdy, friends. I’m a month out from this race, and I feel like I’ve been working hard. What I feel like is all I do is run, work, run, work, run, run, laundry, run. I’m enjoying the training — really … Continue reading

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