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Howdy, friends. My dad keeps telling me that I need to write down what the kids say, because I’ll forget. I blow him off, and think yes, yes, I’ll write it down later, and then I completely forget. Just this … Continue reading

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Running update…

Howdy, friends. I have barely been running. In fact, I think I’ve only run once in all of March. A few weeks ago, I had an eerily-familiar pain in my pubic ramus, so I immediately shut it all down. I … Continue reading

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Family resemblance

Howdy, friends. I think Genevieve looks a lot like her Aunt Pam, my oldest sister. What do you think? My friend pointed it out to me, and now I totally see it. What’s weird is I look more and more … Continue reading

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Biker babe, and some conversations

Howdy, friends. So, we bought a Burley bike trailer last year, and now Genevieve is old enough to ride in it with Jack. Of course, that means she needs a helmet. So Philip took her out to get one. Please … Continue reading

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She’s so freakin’ cute.

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Preschooler bedtime bullshit

Howdy, friends. We have had some maddening evenings here, dealing with bedtime issues. It’s frustrating on just about every level — I hate feeling so annoyed with my own kid, I hate thinking about how frustrated he must feel, and … Continue reading

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Bookshelf shame

Howdy, friends. I have been slow to adopt digital reading, even though Philip bought me a Nook last year. I love it, but I also just love walking to the library. My goal this year, though, is to read the … Continue reading

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Reading …

Jack, just reading some books, wearing his Elmo slippers. I am so happy that he loves books as much as I do. So, so happy.

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