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Currently reading “The Wave”

Howdy, friends. This is what I’m obsessed with right now: Here is a book review. I love books about weather, extreme sports and shipwrecks. So this book is ideal for me. I love anything about polar explorers, blizzards, people lost … Continue reading

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Just me and Jack.

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Liver spots optional

Howdy. I stupidly let Philip take the kids shoe shopping. He bought Viv a cute pair of running shoes, but then he bought these for Jack: Seriously? I was like, “did those come with a three-prong cane and an oxygen … Continue reading

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It’s not supposed to be easy

Howdy, friends. I haven’t written about fitness in a while. Maybe that means I’m not fit? I don’t know. My running is in the toilet right now. I’m getting in about 45 miles a week, but I cannot for the … Continue reading

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More breastfeeding talk

Howdy, friends. I haven’t climbed on my lactation high horse lately. Seems time, no? I read this today, and I pretty much agreed with it. (The article she references is here.) The first post linked talks about how the New … Continue reading

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I love you, Dr. Ferber

Howdy, friends. If you can’t stand listening to your child cry (and who can), you might want to stop reading. If you’ve read my blog, you know that we have struggled mightily with Jack’s bedtime. There are a variety of … Continue reading

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Summer at the park

This is pretty much what heaven looks like to me. Happy running.

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Howdy, friends. Don’t worry, I don’t mean real trouble. I mean this kind of trouble: This is the face of a 21-month-old girl who just bit her mother. And is sitting in time out on the steps (and Jack who … Continue reading

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Now you’re messing with a …

Howdy, friends. You can guess the rest of those lyrics. I think bedtime is about to get ugly in our house. And by that I mean uglier. Last night I sat on our bed, basically filled with rage and realizing … Continue reading

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Currently reading: “Turn of Mind”

Howdy, friends. I am not having a great summer of reading. I keep getting distracted, and I finally started watching “Mad Men” on Netflix, which has consumed my life. I’m only on season two, so don’t talk to me about … Continue reading

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