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An open letter to my son on his 5th birthday

Dear Jack, This week is your 5th birthday. Four years ago, I wrote another letter to you, in awe of how much you’d grown your first year of life. Now? I’m just begging time to slow down. How many times … Continue reading

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Monkey see, monkey do

Just making faces with my girl.

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I got up at 4 a.m. for this?

Howdy, friends. This past weekend was my last chance to do a 20-miler before the marathon. You know, since I am cramming all my training into two weeks and all. So I got up at 4, and met some friends … Continue reading

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Currently reading … “Thinking, fast and slow”

Howdy, friends. I just finished “Paris Trout” by Pete Dexter. It was awesome. Go read it. Now I started two other books … This is something my husband bought last year, after hearing the author on NPR. I saw it … Continue reading

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Is this wrong?

Howdy, friends. That’s a question I have been asking myself lately. Not about the obvious things (Is it wrong to sign up for a race on crap training? Yes. Is it wrong to keep my coworker’s compression socks for all … Continue reading

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Signed, sealed, delivered

Howdy, friends. I signed up for the Sioux Falls Marathon today. It’s in 17 days. That’s not very far away. Normally when you train for a marathon, you know months in advance what you’re getting ready for. Every early morning … Continue reading

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Currently reading: “Paris Trout” by Pete Dexter

Howdy, friends. In my continuing effort to read all two billion books on my nightstand, I picked up this over the weekend: My friend Patrick gave me this book in 2008. It’s been sitting there that long waiting to be … Continue reading

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When best friends have babies …

Friends, My best friend Laurel had her second baby this weekend. We’ve been friends for 33 years, since I was 5 and she was 4. We still talk every single day, either over email or text and sometimes on the … Continue reading

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So about that fall marathon …

Howdy, friends. I mentioned this over the weekend, but here’s a bit more detail. On Saturday, I got up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 a.m. and met Chris and Erica for some rural running. We’ve stuck to our plan … Continue reading

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The cure for all ills

Yeah baby.

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