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Running update

Howdy, friends. First, you need to go click on my friend Danni‘s blog. Good lord, she is amazing. She just completed the Rim to Rim to Rim run in the Grand Canyon. My own running is less amazing. And definitely … Continue reading

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Why is this baby obsessed with the training potty? Especially swirling her hands around in it.

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Goldfish crackers and Jell-O salad … A post-Thanksgiving quality dinner.

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Some book notes

Howdy, friends. First of all, thanks for the kind words yesterday. My day started off shitty and just got worse — ending with a trip to the doctor for Genevieve and a few days of nebulizer treatments for her. Her … Continue reading

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Howdy, friends. I ran into someone today I haven’t seen in a long time — maybe eight or nine years. Just a former coworker I didn’t have much contact with when he worked at my company. I happily greeted him. … Continue reading

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Some notes on running

Howdy friends. I should probably post a bit about running, since I started a blog for running talk, after all. Things are going great. Truly, great. I feel strong, efficient and like I am in good shape. I ran 44 … Continue reading

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Kid talk

Howdy, friends. Sometimes I really can’t believe the things that come out of Jack’s mouth. Here are just a few that he shared with me yesterday. Jack: I learned that from my husband. Me: Oh yeah, what did you learn? … Continue reading

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Halloween photos

Howdy, friends. Just a few photos from the recent holiday. It was wonderful to live this holiday through Jack’s eyes. He had so much fun. And Genevieve was a good girl, up past her bedtime and just watching everything from … Continue reading

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On Genevieve’s First Birthday

Dear Genevieve Ann, It’s been a year since we welcomed you. A year since your dad and I found out that low amniotic fluid issues meant today was the day – go home, get your bag and go to the … Continue reading

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