Easter photos

Howdy friends.

We had a very nice, low-key, non-religious Easter at our house. It was all about the bunny, baby.

An Easter dress ... with long sleeves and leg warmers underneath.

Genevieve got to wear her hand-me-down Easter dress for a little while. Until I worried it was a little chilly and put her in something slightly warmer.

Jack had a little Easter egg hunt in our yard. I put candy and stickers in the eggs, and “hid” them in pretty obvious places. He loved it and collected them in his little plastic wagon.

Yeah! I found more eggs!

Check out the sweet plaid golfer pants.

I love this picture of him. I just can’t get enough of that smile. Or those giant ears. After this, he was totally sugared up, so he and Philip went to the park to burn off some energy.

While they were away, Genevieve posed for some photos.

This look cracks me up.

And my smiling girl:

I just want to eat.her.up.

Jack got to experience the whole Easter thing more later with some egg-coloring. Next year, we are doing this outside in ratty old clothes. It took away a lot of the fun having to help him so much so it wouldn’t make a huge mess.

And that was Easter at our house.

In running news, I got in about 12 miles on Saturday and felt great, for about 35 for the week. Yesterday, I did a very fast run for me, and felt like a rock star. I’m feeling confident with how my running is going, and more and more hopeful for a good summer and fall. Confident enough to start thinking maybe there is a 10K PR in my summer future.

Happy running.

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