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Yo Gabba Pervert!

Howdy, friends. We used to be a TV-free toddler house. Philip and I, who were both raised by cable television, absentee parents and fast food, were adamant that Jack wouldn’t watch any television until he was at least 2, and … Continue reading

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Smart or slacker?

Howdy, friends. I was out running with my friends Christine and Kristen this morning, friends I’ve probably logged a thousand miles with, and we were discussing our strategies for this year. Christine has decided to just do one marathon — … Continue reading

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Recent books

Howdy, friends. I was looking at my list of books and realized I’ve read more than 70 books in the past year and a half. I don’t even know how that’s possible — I guess those few minutes here and … Continue reading

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Boston bound? Ever?

Howdy, friends. So, the Boston Athletic Association announced today that it was changing registration for the 2012 marathon, and then qualifying times for races after that. From the Associated Press: BOSTON (AP) — The Boston Athletic Association announced new registration … Continue reading

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Oh hell yeah

Howdy, friends. I have a potty mouth. It’s bad, REALLY bad. I claim that I got it from my dad, who has a horrible potty mouth, too. We both say “fuck” at least once per conversation. Including professional situations. The … Continue reading

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Things that look like other things

Howdy, friends. I took a photo of Genevieve last night, yes, another crappy Blackberry photo, and realized she looks like a troll doll sometimes (a cute one, but still, a troll doll). And then I remembered I have this really … Continue reading

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Lose 3 pounds in one day!

Howdy, friends. I would like to describe my Wednesday to you, with these images: And this: Seriously, it was not good. It started earlier this week, with some awful stomach pain. I just ignored it because I always have bad … Continue reading

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Sledding, running, napping

Howdy, friends. The title here pretty much sums up my weekend. It warmed up enough that I was able to bundle Jack up and take him out in his sled through the neighborhood. He loves it, mostly. Right up until … Continue reading

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Thank you, neighbors

Just wanted to share a column I wrote about our fabulous neighbors. Enjoy! Read it here.

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Starting line

Howdy, friends. I woke up this morning to an email saying I had successfully been registered for the Twin Cities Marathon. Thank you, Philip, for signing me up! I am excited. I last ran Twin Cities in 2007. In 2008, … Continue reading

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