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More awful running photos

Howdy, friends. I figured that headline would grab you. Who doesn’t love mocking others? Oh wait, nice people, that’s who. So, when I ran Brookings a few weeks ago, I decided to wear one of my running skirts. I have … Continue reading

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Currently reading The Submission

Howdy, friends. This is what I’m reading now: And here is the book review. I’m only about 70 pages into it, but I already really like it. I feel like I’m on a good stretch of books right now, which … Continue reading

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Howdy friends. Nothing makes Jack and Viv as happy as a trip to the park. And honestly, I love it, too Happy running.

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Books: “The Art of Fielding”

Howdy, friends. This is what I’m reading now: And here is a book review. I’m only about 100 pages into it, and already I’m in love. And Philip was just about thrilled I was reading a book that has something,anything … Continue reading

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You just said what?

Howdy, friends. First the cuteness: Philip took the kids to the grocery store this afternoon, and apparently there were free samples of chocolate ice cream. I can see that would be tough to pass up. I’d love to know how Viv … Continue reading

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On being mom enough

Howdy, friends. I think the entire mommy-blogging world is STILL talking about the Time magazine cover on attachment parenting, with the headline, “Are you mom enough?” I’ve read some pretty good commentary on it lately, including this note about how … Continue reading

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Balance bikes, baby

Howdy, friends. I came across this article today on Slate. The headline grabbed me, “Training wheels don’t work.” I never would have believed that. I mean, didn’t we all learn to bike with training wheels? But in a rare effort … Continue reading

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Brookings Half-Marathon update, with photos

Howdy, friends. I ran the Brookings Half-Marathon on Saturday. I think it was my 19th half-marathon, and my time was pretty in the middle for those I’ve done. My watch read 1:49:40 when I crossed the finish, and darn it, … Continue reading

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Ugly runners

Howdy, friends. First things first: You can see how people get to your blog. Sometimes it’s pretty straightforward, someone searched my name or my kids’ names or the name of the blog. I also attract a lot of people looking … Continue reading

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Kid comments

Howdy, friends. Jack has been cracking me up lately with just random things he says. Here’s a sampling. “Mom, what is that?” “I don’t know.” “Don’t say I don’t know!” “Well, when I don’t know, what do you want me … Continue reading

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