Weekend in photos

Howdy, friends.

We had a great weekend. My body is healing, thank god. Nursing is going fine, the kids were well-behaved and we all ate nutritious meals. Just kidding. The kids were stir-crazy with the heat, and on Saturday I fed my son hot dogs for lunch, chicken nuggets for dinner and let my baby daughter eat a popsicle. I also gave up on potty-training after 2 hours and four pairs of pissed-in underpants.

So you know, a normal weekend.

I did, however, snap a few photos. I actually got more with my real camera (these are from my phone) but I have to dump them onto the computer still. It was the kind of weekend where suddenly Jack was SO grown up, and Genevieve seemed just … not so babyish anymore. I started crying on the way to work today, just thinking about how quickly time is passing. Even though a boring Sunday can feel like an eternity. Funny how that happens.

Genevieve eats her "puffies."

Those two little bottom teeth are cracking me up.

Viv was such a nut this weekend. She just laughs and laughs, especially when Jack or our dog, Harley, come in the room. I have really liked watching her and Jack interact. I love my sisters so much, I hope they remain close growing up.

Jack was WILD this weekend. He is obsessed with crawling into the baby’s bed. Here are some (crappy) photos I shot with my camera, while trying to nurse the baby and letting him basically run wild.

He has to push the ottoman over to do this.

Then he basically flops into the bed and starts jumping maniacally.

I did get frustrated with him when I was trying to feed the baby and he kept coming in the room yelling and laughing and waking her up. Then he walked out and came back wearing my slippers, which was enough to make me start laughing and just take a breather and remember to enjoy my kids, the wackjobs.

Here he is later, in his new “outfit.”

Yes, those are footie pajamas on. In July. Because we STILL have a problem with him taking his diaper off in bed.

That’s about all. I also finished “Swamplandia” by Karen Russell, and it was SO good. There were a ton of great lines, but this one is about her and her sister, and it just reminded me of my sisters: “But until we are old ladies … I will continue to link arms with her, in public, in private, in a panic of love.”

Happy running.

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One Response to Weekend in photos

  1. SandySays1 says:

    I was attracted by the baby picture, I’m a sucker for those. (Just posted mine two weeks ago) At first, it was going to be a quick peek at your pics an on, but your post sucked me right in. I enjoyed it as much as you seem to enjoy living. You get my WOOF! WOOF! award.

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