5K with a double jogger

Howdy, friends.

I recently won an entry into a local 5K. I haven’t “raced” a 5K since 2006, and I’m not really in shape to race one now. That’s a totally different kind of running than what I’ve been doing (slogging through, basically).

But, you know, free race entry. I couldn’t pass it up, so I decided to go up and run it. And I didn’t have a babysitter, so Jack and Genevieve had to come with me. And run with me. In the double jogger. On gravel. Uphill. Did I mention the gravel?

I set a goal to run sub 8:00s. Lofty, perhaps, but that would be easy without a jogger, and a challenge with one, so it seemed reasonable. I knew I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I couldn’t, though.

My friend Erica and her two girls joined us. I have to confess, I LOVE the looks we got as we did a warm-up mile with our joggers. People just look at you like you’re a rock star when you push that thing. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are going. I suppose we did look like lunatics.

Erica and her two girls, and me and my two kiddos.

The route was an out-and-back on gravel for just over 2 miles, and then around a city park to the finish. It was a pretty enough course and seemed pretty well-organized.

I’m sure people thought we were morons at the starting line. We lined up near the front of the middle, or the back of the front, if that makes sense. I know, I have a jogging stroller. But I am not jogging. Or walking. And it was on a wide road, so it’s not like I was going to be clipping people’s heels. And I refuse to waste time weaving around slowpokes because I’ve been runner-mommy-tracked with my giant beast of a stroller.

Then, of course, the wheel fell off my stroller right at the start. Good lord. Thank god Erica is a smarty and helped me get it back on. “Um, that should be tight enough?” she said, right about when the starter yelled, “Go!” I love a small-town race!

The first mile was a gradual uphill. On gravel. Did I mention the gravel part? It basically sucked. I felt like I was running fully extended pushing the stroller ahead of me. Jack was yelling, “Go, runners, go! Good job, runners!” I guess I’ve taken him to enough races now where he knows what to do.

I hit the first mile in 8:19. Thank god for the turnaround, and a bit of downhill, and mile 2 was in 7:49. Now we’re talking. I passed a few people here and figured I was about third woman overall. That’s the great thing about an out-and-back. You can see where you place. Mile 3 felt endless, which I found out was because it was. The course measured 3.3 miles, and even the winners said it was long (I include that so you don’t think I am just bitching about running with the stroller).

I finished in 26:35, which is 8:05 for 3.3 miles. I fell short of my goal, but that’s OK. I felt like I gave it a solid effort. I am pretty sure I was third place woman overall, but haven’t found any results anywhere yet. It was a lot of fun. I definitely got a few “Oh my god, that’s wild” comments out there pushing the stroller. I won’t lie — it was a huge ego boost. I kept trying to reel in the woman ahead of me, but I could never quite gain on her. I would try, then give up, then try, then give up. Even if I had tried harder, I’m not sure I could have caught her.

The finish was in a great little city park, so Jack got to run around while Genevieve took it all in from the stroller. That’s a great way to end any race. Well, that and a trip out for breakfast, which we also did.

In other news, we spent a recent weekend visiting family, and I did a huge camera dump. Here are some recent photos:

Jack checks out the dinosaurs at the Children's Museum in Brookings, SD.

I practice using "natural light," so my friend Laurel will be proud of me. Here is Genevieve at her grandparents'.

That’s about all here. I decided against getting my 3D bone scan right now. I’m having major supply issues, and I just am not ready to pump and dump for 48 hours afterward. Hopefully some easy running can keep my pubic ramus pain in check. I did run 10 easy on Sunday, for 35 total for the week last week, and feel great. I took Monday off and then ran 7.5 easy this morning. So far, so good.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to 5K with a double jogger

  1. SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!! So is Jack, but I just love that picture!

  2. Dixie says:

    Jacqueline you are simply amazing!! actually RUNNING with a DOUBLE STROLLER on GRAVEL! and a nursing mom to top it off–where do you get your energy? and, did i say–simply amazing?!! Congrats!

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