More kid talk

Howdy, friends.

I like to make sure to write down the funny stuff Jack and Viv have been saying because, as my dad reminds me weekly, I will forget. He tells me, “They’re going to ask you one day about when they were little, and you won’t remember.”

So, here are a few things they’ve said this week.

Scene: We went to a neighborhood holiday party, complete with a velvet dress for Viv and a button-down shirt for Jack. If you’re 4, you’ve only been to a few kinds of parties, most of them involving other kids and birthdays. So it shouldn’t have surprised me when Jack went up to the host and asked where the pizza was.

Sorry, buddy, but this party has crackers and cheese and hummus and red wine. No pizza. My neighbors are wonderful people, so they just laughed when he asked.


As we got ready for the party, I was standing in the bathroom, putting on makeup. Viv was desperately trying to get into the cabinet beneath the sink, to take everything out and make a mess, which she isn’t allowed to do. This was basically her commentary:

“Mom! Move! Get out of here, mommy! Mommy, go! Go, mommy! Get out! Stop coloring on your face, mommy!”

This from the child who has colored on the table, the chair, the wall and our built-in buffet. She is JUST like her Aunt Kim, who wrote her name in all our books.

Happy running.

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3 Responses to More kid talk

  1. Kim says:

    Oh, that is a compliment, Viv! You want to be just like your Aunt Kim! Wait until you get your Christmas gift..Aunt Kim all over again. I am living the girl life through you, Jackie! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Stop coloring on your face!

    That’s priceless!

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