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Right on the edge

Howdy, friends. It’s taken me a day or two to think about what I want to say about Jack’s recent evaluation. We had it on Tuesday — to check to see if he is on the autism spectrum. It was … Continue reading

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Jack turns 4

Howdy, friends. I can’t believe we’ve gone from this: to this: It’s so cliched, the passing of time. I feel silly even talking about it. But my gosh, we’re here already. When I got married, I caught my dad watching … Continue reading

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Autism and autoimmune disorders

Howdy friends. Here is a pretty interesting op-ed piece from the New York Times about autism and autoimmune diseases. And here is a response from Autism Speaks, which is hosting a web chat tomorrow about it all. And here we … Continue reading

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I love you, Dr. Ferber

Howdy, friends. If you can’t stand listening to your child cry (and who can), you might want to stop reading. If you’ve read my blog, you know that we have struggled mightily with Jack’s bedtime. There are a variety of … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Turkey

Howdy, friends. We met with our neurologist today. He looked at the video of Jack. He had us email it to him (I love you, iPhone). He gave us information on seizures. He sent us to the hospital for an … Continue reading

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The neurologist will see you now …

Howdy, friends. So we had our very eventful day of appointments yesterday. It was a weird day — I felt like I was sort of watching my life all day. So Jack and I were driving to the pediatrician, to … Continue reading

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Rabbit hole

Howdy, friends. If  you’re looking for me, I’m busy Googling. Things like “absence seizure or autism.” Or, “Asperger’s Syndrome.” Taking a quiz on Autism Speaks, the only web site my family therapist friend told me to go to (to avoid … Continue reading

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Step away from Dr. Google

Howdy, friends. Our son Jack, who is almost 4, has benefited a ton from the state Birth to 3 program. It’s pretty amazing, and provides speech, occupational and other therapies for young children who need some extra help. Jack did. … Continue reading

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Children’s theater season — with photos

Howdy, friends. It’s handy knowing good photographers — especially ones who recognize my kids when they are out and about. Philip took the kids to the park today for the first outdoor play of the season, and newsroom photographer Emily … Continue reading

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Howdy, friends. First things first: I ran 9 awesome miles today. It was a crisp, clear, windless day on the prairie, and that is just pure heaven. I ran with some friends, on a super hilly route, and then finished … Continue reading

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