Zoo trainers and robots

Howdy, friends.

Jack wrote his first book this weekend. It’s called “Zoo Trainers and Robots,” which accurately describes what it’s about. It also includes ice cream and a rake.

Every weekend, when Viv naps, we try to do something special with Jack to work on his focus or fine motor skills. We color. We play a game. Do a puzzle. Make a craft. Something.

This past Saturday, I got out some construction paper and asked if he wanted to draw something. He doesn’t usually — he’s better at coloring a picture that already exists rather than creating his own. But he said he did, and it was a “zoo trainer.”

So he drew one. A head, a body, legs.

“Do you think he needs arms?” I asked.

Two arms.

Then eyes. A mouth — a straight line.

“The zoo trainer doesn’t look happy, mom.”

Right buddy.

He wanted more paper, and drew another zoo trainer, this time with a snake. I labeled each picture, “zoo trainer,” with an arrow. “Snake.”

“Ice cream cone.”

Then he made some robots — which look exactly like zoo trainers but with more eyes.

“This one needs four eyes, so he can really see,” Jack said.

Then one with three eyes, where I was told to label it, “One big eye and two little ones. Robot.”

We decided to staple them all together and give them to daddy. Jack was SO excited. He stapled it, and then ran upstairs, and put the book on the nightstand, so Philip would see it at bedtime.

Friends, I was so proud. When I was in high school, I was babysitting my nephew, who was about 5 at the time, and we made a book just like this. We drew pictures, and Tim told me a story, and I recorded it for him. I have really sweet memories of that day, and it felt really good to share that with Jack this weekend.

On Sunday, he drew some more pictures, including one of his sister, complete with ponytails. And he wrote her name. It’s upside down, but I was really impressed he could write it at all:


(I added her name for real, so we would know years later, what the drawing was.)

All in all, it was a great weekend of creativity and construction paper.

Happy running.

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