Howdy, friends.

I had to put that in air quotes, because I don’t think you can technically call what I do in the pool real swimming.

I took some swimming lessons about 9 years ago. They helped — I learned to move beyond the doggy paddle. But I still am a horrible swimmer. I hate doing it, and I am crappy at it. My brother-in-law went to the Olympic Trials in swimming, and once when we were visiting, I asked him for some tips. He’s a kind, hilarious person. And his response to me, after watching me flail in the water, was, “You know, you can move your legs.”

Yes, friends, it is that bad. It’s so bad that I am always embarrassed the lifeguard has to see me. I wish I could go alone, when the pool is closed.

Though I tell myself that I am such a bad swimmer, so painfully inefficient, that somehow it translates into a better workout.

The whole point of this is: I plan to swim today at lunch. Instead of pool run. Or regular run. Or spin class. Or lift. Swimming. Me. For real.

It’s going to be ugly (and I’m not just talking about being in a swimsuit in January).

But I’m still struggling with a bit of pain, and I dont’ want to aggravate it. So, here we go. My friend promises he will give me some tips today. Hopefully he can share them in between mocking me.

Happy swimming.



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