Cross-training my way to Boston

Howdy, friends.

It doesn’t seem like time off is doing much to help with my injury — but it isn’t getting worse, so that’s good right?

I’m doing everything I can to try to train without aggravating it. The good news is it is forcing me to do some new things and I’ll probably end up in better shape overall — if not better running shape.

Today I have already logged:

– 5 easy treadmill miles

– Pool workout: 100 easy, 4×25 kickboard, 100 easy, 2×25 pull-buoy, 100 easy, 2×25 pull-buoy, 100 easy cooldown. (I like saying “easy” like I swim any other way.)

– 274 push-ups.

Tonight Philip and I take our “test” to start the pull-up challenge. I hope I can do even one after all this today.

Beyond all that, this week looks like this:

Mon: 5 easy miles

Tues: Swim, 260 push-ups

Wed: Taught a spin class

Thurs: 5 easy, swim workout, 274 push-ups, plan to do pull-ups tonight (maybe I should say pull-up, singular?)

Fri: Plan is to run 7-10 miles in the morning, and I teach a spin class at noon

Sat: Plan is weights, push-ups, pool run or swim workout

Sun: Rest, plus pull-ups

I feel like I am triathlon training again. The variety has been fun, so I’ll focus on that instead of all the miles I’m not running.

Happy running, spinning and swimming.

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3 Responses to Cross-training my way to Boston

  1. Dave Graves says:

    How do you do 274 pushy-ups?

    • In sets. I follow the 100-push-up challenge. It’s a program (I use the iphone app) that eventually gets you able to do 100 at once. I did it one other time and got to 89 at once. Right now, I can do 74 at once. But three days a week, you follow the plan, and that was the plan today. It adds up fast! I’ve done 2,600 just since I started it a few weeks ago.

  2. Patrick says:


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