Talking Viv

Howdy, friends.

So, Viv is 2. She really didn’t talk much until she was about 15 months old, and then it was like nonstop full sentences. She has a TON of personality. And she is really bossy. (I don’t know where she gets that from.)

But right now, she is also just super, super funny.

Daycare shared this little story with me today:

Viv: I need a band-aid.

Daycare worker: For what? I don’t see an owie?

Viv: (Walks to another worker) Get me a band-aid.

Daycare worker 2: Where is your owie?

Viv: Where is my band-aid???


Scene: Viv and Jack pushing each other while Philip makes dinner.

Philip: Jack, why did you push Viv?

Jack: Because she pushed me!

Philip: Viv, why did you push Jack?

Viv: Why not???


Scene: Random Saturday afternoon.

Me: Viv, what do you want to do? Color? Blocks?

Viv: I want to say no!

Me: OK?

Viv: No! Noooooo! NO NO! Nooooo!

Me: WTF?


We are in so much trouble with her. Something about her is just extra funny, in a completely different way than how Jack is funny. It helps that she has this totally wackadoo voice and always has two crazy-looking ponytails. As my friend said the other day, you just want to put her in your pocket and carry her around. Her running commentary is just freakin’ funny.

And yet she’s dead on. Sometimes, you DO just want to say no. I like a girl who speaks her mind.

Happy running.

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4 Responses to Talking Viv

  1. rrsweetman says:

    I get such a kick out of Viv–last Friday morning when I dropped L off at daycare, she told me to have a nice weekend! She cracks me up!!

  2. Erin Sacleux says:

    Viv and the Band-Aid… Hilarious stuff. I’m just sitting here chuckling. You had to be JUST like that when you were a kid!!

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