Christmas tree, preschooler style

Howdy friends.
Jack helped us trim our tree this weekend. I always hang fake apples because my mom did.

I thought those were just right for Jack to hang. Unbreakable.

Here’s how he did:


It looks a little silly. But I am leaving it up. After all, it’s their tree, too.

We did this while Viv took her nap because she’s a babyzilla and would have gone bonkers helping.

I carried her down after nap and she said, “Look at dat! Did you get me a tree??!”

Yes, Viv. We got you a tree. Enjoy!

Happy running.

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One Response to Christmas tree, preschooler style

  1. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Did you get me a tree?
    How are you not dying from cuteness overload?!

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