Books, running and some trashy TV

Howdy, friends.

I keep putting off posting because I feel like I need to write this holiday post about how great it was, how magical, how blessed, complete with perfect photos of happy kids and a perfectly trimmed tree.

It’s all too much pressure. Plus, I haven’t dumped my camera yet, so I have nothing to show you.

We did have a wonderful holiday (pictures to come this week, I swear). At the last minute, our small Christmas for the four of us turned into Christmas for the 12 of us, when Philip’s family decided to drive in for the weekend. It was equal parts hilarious, frustrating, sweet and stressful. I loved having a full house for the holiday. Jack loved having his cousins around — and I think they enjoyed playing with him and Genevieve. I loved having my sisters in law to help out and laugh with, and my brother in law to make sure everyone had a drink and the leaf got put into the table. He also ate like three tupperware containers of leftovers I handed him so I could clean out some room in my refrigerator. So, you know, the typical male holiday jobs.

Poor Philip had to work all weekend, so he barely so his family. We had our own little Santa with the kids on Friday morning, and it was great.

Jack loved his toys — especially his new Bruder firetruck and the Lowly and Huckle stuffed characters from “Busy Town.” Genevieve loved her little rocking chair so much we couldn’t get her out of it. She just sat in it and pointed at presents for us to hand her. Goofball.

Santa was good to us, too. Philip bought me these boots (which I’m sure made him cringe for the price tag and the fact that they are big absurd snow boots):

Dear weather, please get bitter cold and snow. I am dying to wear these.

And of course the Aunts and Uncles sent wonderful gifts — especially Thomas trains for Jack and baby dolls for Viv. It was a great day together. And I know Jack has had his share of holiday treats because he ran into the room the other day and yelled, “Mom! I want some SUGAR!” I was like, uh, I don’t think so, buddy.

I admit I thought it might be weird to host my husband’s entire family while he was at work, but you know, it wasn’t. We’ve been together 8.5 years, and will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in May. But it’s only been the past year or so where I feel like they are my family, too. And this holiday just cemented that. They’re mine — warts and all.

I really loved being around my teenage nieces. They are both so nice, so pretty and so, so hip. And not in an annoying mall-rat way. Hip in an artistic, intelligent, thoughtful way. But not nerdy. I can’t even explain it. They are both great — sure of who they are, confident, not cocky, and kind. So kind. They took such great care of Jack and Genevieve all weekend — it was wonderful.

One thing I am grateful for with both of our families, they take kids seriously. My side and Philip’s side, little kids are treasured. They get paid attention to, hugged, kissed, talked to and included. It can make things kind of crazy sometimes, but I sort of like the chaos of a big family get-together (as long as everyone takes their shoes off, eats in the dining room and doesn’t throw shit, jesus christ). What? Is that picky?

Philip’s family has this habit of throwing wadded up wrapping paper at each other during gift-opening. It seriously makes me crazy. I hate little pieces of crap on my rugs. I hate people throwing in the house. I hate throwing/being thrown to. Every part of it godawful to me. Stop throwing shit! Perhaps it reminds me of when I threw a pillow at a friend’s house as a kid and broke some crap of her grandma’s. Ugh. Bad aim will haunt you forever!

Anyway. Somehow I ended up talking all about our Christmas, which I didn’t mean to. I will post photos soon.

In other news, I finally started reading this:

I am sure I am the last person on the planet to read this book. I am about 100 pages in, and loving it. It’s part of my goal of reading all the books on my nightstand. Here is a review.

In other entertainment news, I am now addicted to Gossip Girl. Seriously. I just discovered this on Netflix, looking for some crap to watch.

Once again, probably the last person on the planet to watch this show. I’m about 6 episodes in — only like 80 to go! It is complete garbage. And I love it. And I mean REALLY love it. It’s like 90210 but even crappier. Sigh.

In running news, things are going OK. I ran about 42 miles last week, with a long run of 10. And I took Sunday and Monday off, because life just got in the way. My marathon is in just over 2 weeks. I’ll do my third and final 20 tomorrow. Then taper, I guess. I didn’t even taper for Twin Cities since I felt like I wasn’t in great shape. But I suppose I should do a true taper this time. It’s always hard to figure it out, since I don’t follow a real training plan.

I have about 1,500 miles for the year, not counting January, which I purposely didn’t log. I was still coming back from injury and wanted to not focus on mileage. I would guess I ran about 100-125 miles that month, pretty conservative. I’ll post year-end running stats soon, for the dorks among us.

It’s been a good running year. There were no race PRs, unless you count the 10K with the double jogger, as a double jogger PR. But I did run a few half-marathons, a marathon and a lot of easy miles. I feel like I’m in good shape, and I go between being excited for Phoenix and being paranoid. Taper madness, I guess.

We’ll see.

Happy running.

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3 Responses to Books, running and some trashy TV

  1. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Stieg Larsson rocks! Sad that we will never have another book from him. *sniffle*

  2. Jeff got me that book for xmas because I was so far down on the cue at the library. I just started reading it, too. Very excited. 🙂

  3. Dixie says:

    Took me getting halfway through the book before it got really good. Saw the movie last night and it was awesome (and I never say awesome ha). Helped to have read the book first because the movie is super fast-paced. The new snowboots are bad-ass btw.

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