I knew it would happen one day …

Howdy, friends.

We have been having amazing weather in South Dakota this December. I don’t think I could have chosen a better winter to marathon-train. I only have about 10 more days of crazy training before taper, so hopefully things will stay gorgeous.

Everything has been going pretty well, though this week is looking a little tough. It will just be a challenge to get my running in with crazy schedules between me and Philip. And it also means I will be doing my last long run on New Year’s Eve. I usually like to taper a bit longer than two weeks, but oh well. It’s just a busy time ofyear, and I’m doing the best I can.

I will say I was not feeling my best on Saturday, when I woke up early to run. The night before, I had gone out with some girlfriends. The first time in over a year. Can you believe that? Apparently two glasses of wine is my limit, because I was a bit toasted.

So I woke up at 5 on Saturday to meet some friends. I had specifically asked one friend if he was going, because I didn’t want to run in the dark alone. The group runs a route that has some lonely parts, and I didn’t want to be by myself on them. They are a bit faster than me, so I knew I would work to keep up.

It ended up going really well, and I got in about 14 miles on Saturday. I only had about 42 for the week, short of the 50 I wanted. But considering I didn’t have a real long run, it will have to do.

The weather was beautiful, probably about 20 degrees. I ran in capri tights, a light coat and a hat. My head and hands often are cold. I totally wished I had run in shorts, since I swear I am having hot flashes all the time lately. What the hell? I’m only 36! Anyway. We finished the run, and my friend Rob said to me, “You have frost on your chin!”

And then I realized it.

One of my worst winter running nightmares had come true. It’s not falling on the ice, which I do every winter. It’s not dodging snowplows or city buses. No, friends. It’s realizing I did not pluck the random hairs on my chin, and now they have frozen, for all to see, as the sun comes up after a run.


Because I don’t look shitty enough after a run, sunken cheeked, tired, shuffling. Now I have to add bearded to it.

It’s almost as bad as the one time I was interviewing a police chief when I was a reporter, and moved my pen randomly. The chief started laughing, then stifled it. I was about 22. I got in my car after and realized I had written all over my face with the pen.

I felt like a total idiot. I can’t even remember what the story was about that I was writing. Or what the chief’s name was. Just that part. What’s worse is I have super thin skin on my face, so the veins in it show through anyway. And people often ask if I have pen on my face. No, I do not. That’s just a big purple vein. Thanks for pointing it out.

I think Genevieve has the same vein-y spot on her cheek. Sorry, sweet girl.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to I knew it would happen one day …

  1. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Hot flashes started for me right after the birth of my first baby, at age 26. They totally blow! It’s caused by hormone imbalance. Same goes for the chin hairs.
    Loving your blog from one hot, hairy friend to another!

  2. Love the chin hairs. I’m always sitting there tugging on them in meetings if I miss them in the mirror. Nice. Nothing like doing that with an audience.

    And yes, those aren’t hot flashes. I prefer to think of them as MILF – hottie flashes. You probably wouldn’t have them until menopause if you didn’t have kids. It’s a bonus! 😉

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