Howdy friends.

You can see how people found your blog, including random search terms. I love that someone stumbled across my work by searching “lame jogger.” Yes, that’s me. Lame jogger, checking in!

I get a lot of hits from people searching miscarriage and pelvic stress fractures, too. These are my Internet legacies, I guess. That’s OK.

In other news, Philip and I are doing what we have done for three years now … setting a Christmas toy budget and completely blowing it because we both secretly LOVE kid toys and both love shopping. It’s bad. I thought I had bought everything, but Philip came home today with two more trucks and a kid-sized snow shovel. We still have a few weeks before Christmas, which is scary for our bank account.

Last year, we had so much that I put stuff in the basement to pull out for a rainy day. Well, I still actually have three things down there. From last year. Waiting for a rainy day.

It’s starting to make me cranky with the thought of bringing more crap into our house … so I boxed up some baby toys recently. And today I was absurdly elated that Jack finally finished a coloring book, so I could throw it away. One less thing in our house! How sad is that.

And we sold Jack’s crib this week. I can’t believe it. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a third baby if we decide … we still have Genevieve’s crib. But wow. Sold the crib. That’s just crazy.

In random running news: It got cold here on the tundra finally. I love winter running.

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