Injury update, marathon looming

Howdy, friends.

The Twin Cities Marathon is fast approaching. Dear god. I am not ready. I don’t think I’ve been this poorly trained for a marathon since my first one — and let’s not talk about how badly THAT went. Jesus. I should be in taper right now. But you know, I’m not even running enough to warrant a taper.

My training maxed out at 38 miles a week. That is so sad. I did one 20-miler. About 10 15-milers. I took a lot of time off for random pain in my pubic ramus. I had a 3D bone scan with radioactive dye. That came back fine. My sports doctor has NO idea why I still get so much pain there. He said to go ahead and keep running, run as much as I want. Everything is fine.

I don’t know why it randomly hurts. But that’s scary. I don’t want to ignore the pain (though I do numb it with a lot of ibuprofen and red wine, baby). At the same time, I’m pissed that I’ve paid so much attention to it that my training has really suffered. Then again, maybe that’s why everything is still fine, you know?

At any rate, I’m headed into this race. Undertrained. I plan to set out at 9:00s and see how it goes. It’s not fast, but it’s reasonable for me right now. I’ve never had a good race in the Twin Cities — of the six marathons I’ve done, the two TCMs have been some of the worst. That hill kills me. And both times (now a third time), I’ve headed into it undertrained. The first one, in 2005, I just was doing for fun. The next one, in 2007, I think, I did after having two back-to-back miscarriages, just for something to keep my mind off it. It was a death march.

We’ll see if this time is any different. I’m in Wave 1. Philip is in Wave 2. My first goal is to not let him pass me. My second is to hang on if he does.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to Injury update, marathon looming

  1. OH my gosh! I”m so sorry! This injury is FREAKY!!!! Seriously weird. I mean your doctor is telling you that you are fine and there’s nothing there (and the bone scan proves it!)…but yeah, I’m learning the soreness is so common. But, I’m only 8 months out, not 2 years. 😦 I hope the race goes well!

  2. Danni says:

    Try to at least have fun. If it makes you feel better I’m not trained for my hundred in two weeks…

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