Remember me?

Howdy, friends.

Long time, no post.

I had kind of a crazy spring that turned into a busy summer and then a weird fall.

And every time I thought about posting, I felt like too much time had passed and nobody would care. But I miss the blog, so here I am.

This spring we sold our house (in a bidding war, which was super fun).


and bought a new, bigger house with a giant back yard — which the kids love:


That meant a ridiculous amount of time living out of boxes and wondering where our shoes were.

In the middle of all of it, we drove from South Dakota to Colorado for my nephew’s wedding:

Aw! We actually do wear dress clothes sometimes!

Aw! We actually do wear dress clothes sometimes!

After the move, we settled into a new life with a kindergartner and all that being a slave to the school calendar entails. So far, so good.

All the while, I continued to train and hoped to run the G.O.A.T.Z. 50K again this fall. But life got in the way, and instead of celebrating the end of summer with long runs on gravel roads and dirt trails, I spent it recovering from lady surgery.

Just over five weeks out, and I’m still recovering with seemingly some new setback every week. But while it’s one step forward and two steps back, I know things are progressing and I’ll be able to run again soon. And push a full grocery cart. And pick Viv up (I promised I would on her birthday, though I confess to having picked her up a few times already — rushing her puking self to the bathroom, carrying her sleeping self back to her own bed and once because she was sad).

The good news is I read 10 books while I was on my disability leave.

I’ve still written columns for my day job while I’ve been away from blogging, so I’ll try to post a few of those coming up.

And because I know you want to see them, here are some very cute trick-or-treaters:

IMG_0025 IMG_0026

Happy reading and running and candy-eating.

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2 Responses to Remember me?

  1. Dave Graves says:

    Welcome back. I thought maybe a spam filter was blocking your postings. Glad to know I haven’t missed any. Blessings on your continued recovery and hectic life.

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