Tiny little running update

Howdy, friends.

It’s still miserably cold here on the prairie. Normally winter doesn’t bother me — I love my snow boots, my running tights, my 10,000 colorful knitted winter hats, all of it.

Sledding, snowshoeing, hot chocolate.

This year seems endless, and another cold snap this week — with windchills well below zero and some high temperatures not even above zero — isn’t helping my motivation.

I know. You’ve heard it all before.

It’s weeks like this when I really understand folks who don’t exercise. It’s not easy to get up every day. To figure out what to do based on the weather, your work schedule, your kids’ schedules, your spouse’s job.

Especially  when you just want to eat Girl Scout cookies (7 boxes so far, just for me) and lay on the couch.

I was really happy last week for a tiny warming up and the ability to do mid-distance runs — 9 miles on Saturday, 11.5 on Sunday. That gave me 39 for week (why didn’t I just run 10 on Saturday like I planned?). And my normal spin class and other running.

Monday I ran 5 miles, did push-ups, taught spin class.

But yesterday … I just couldn’t motivate. I had all my gear. I had a friend at work bugging me to go with him to the gym. Instead … I walked to the library over my lunch break.

I tell myself a little walk outside is good, too, and sometimes it is. And since I’m still undecided about spring races, what’s the point in being a nut when it’s so miserable out?

The point is habit, of course. I took yesterday off. I can’t take 2 days off in a row. That’s how the long slide into laziness begins. I know this about myself. So today I have to run or lift or take a spin class or do something. Something beyond a walk. It’s always more difficult for me when I don’t have specific plans to meet a friend to run. Just making myself go is a challenge — but I try really hard to not let others down.

How are you staying motivated this winter?

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2 Responses to Tiny little running update

  1. Dave Graves says:

    Simple. Marathon April 13. Feels awfully close and negative temps aren’t conducive to long runs, as you know. Treadmills are a mental challenge, but training the mind is as important as training the body, plus they’re easier than the joints. Nonetheless, I too look forward to a long, outdoor Saturday run.

    • I so hear you, Dave!
      Signing up for a race makes a big difference. I think that’s definitely part of my problem. I just can’t get really excited about a road marathon right now. I wish there were a nearby 50K in May. I would do that in a heartbeat. Wait, does this mean I’m moving to the dark side of ultras???

      Hope you got outside last weekend. It wasn’t too bad! And hey, it’s almost March!

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