February photos

Howdy, friends.

Here are just  few treats from this month:


We stumbled across a craft at the library one day. It was making little trains out of candy, which the kids loved. And let’s face it, I love those little wafer cookies SO much. Yum.


Jack was very proud of his train. And then, of course, we got a giant stack of library books.

On this visit, Jack also learned how to go ask the librarian for some help. He wanted a DVD, but it looked too old for him (read: Mom thought it looked violent), so he took it to the children’s librarian, who helped show him it was rated for kids older than 7.

So we put it back and chose something else. That ended up being “Sid the Science Kid,” which is awesome. Where have I been? This show is great!

That then inspired some science experiments at our house — including the very complex: What happens to this cup of water if we leave it outside over night?

It freezes.

And then: What happens if we put it in the freezer?

It stays frozen.

And then: What if we run hot water over it?

It melts.

See? Science is awesome. I tried to get them to leave it on the counter and we could check it every hour and see how much it melted — I seriously had imagined graph paper and lab coats and all manner of nerdery. But they didn’t buy it.

In other weekend fun, Jack and Philip ran an errand one day, and Viv and I stayed home and cleaned together. She LOVES to clean, which is how I know she is my daughter. I gave her a little spray bottle of water, and she wiped down all my kitchen cupboards. And then she cleaned her disgusting food-encrusted booster seat.

Jack has learned to vacuum, with some help. And he makes his bed now every day.

I think I’m really loving this age.


Also: we cleaned every Saturday, top to bottom, because my mother kept a spotless home. I don’t have the same commitment to sparkle that she does, but I do get really cranky when the house is too messy. I just like it how I like it: Beds made. All counters clean. Chairs pushed in. Cupboard doors closed. Everything off the floors. Curtains open. Blinds open. Shoes all put away. Floors swept.

And that’s just what I do before I leave for work. No wonder I’m so tired all the time.

Happy running.

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One Response to February photos

  1. Kim says:

    I am the same way!!! I also feel like such a good mom when I accomplish this and the kids get home from school and the home is tidy, inviting, and welcoming – I guess I have good memories of coming home to the same growing up. Although, Mom was much better at keeping closets clean!
    Love you!

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