The year in running 2013

Howdy, friends.

In keeping with our December From Hell, we also lost everything on our computer that hadn’t been backed up. And our last back up was at the beginning of November.

I won’t even go into the mess this has created for Philip, who does all of our general bookkeeping and family managing from the computer. Suffice to say he has been stressed out and a one-man IT department for about a week now.

For me, all it really means is I lost the last two months of my running log. I know … who cares. Well, I do. I’ve used an Excel spreadsheet for several years, and I like to compare year over year, to look at old training and times and see if I’m doing the same/more/worse every year. Or look at how many long runs I did, how many speedy runs, etc., just to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Thankfully, I have everything through the 50K I ran — meaning all the training and most of my mileage. A friend of mine needed to look at my log to fill in blanks on his over the holidays, so with his help I also know, I think, my yearly mileage.

So, here are (some) stats from 2013:

Total mileage: 1,386 (down 200 from the year before)

Highest weekly mileage: 61 miles

Highest monthly mileage: 176, in September (so tired that month)

Lowest monthly mileage: 10 (February, for pelvic bone pain, again)

Longest run: 32.8 miles

Number of runs 20 miles or more: 8

Races: 4 (Boston Marathon, a 3K race, DNF at Sioux Falls Marathon, and G.O.A.T.Z. 50K)

Total push-ups logged: 7,291 (not including the 50-100 I do every Monday after spin class)

Overall, it was an OK year. I mean, it was weird, there’s no denying that — a bombing at Boston, falling apart at Sioux Falls, joy in Omaha. I took from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and let myself do whatever. I didn’t run a ton, but didn’t take it completely off (though I did take at least a full week off for a variety of illnesses).

For this year, I’d definitely like to run more mileage. I’d like to run a marathon PR and then go back to Omaha for the 50K — and treat it the same: As a long, long run through the woods where the only goal is to have fun (and maybe not fall so many times). That alone was so joyful to me, and reminded me why I love to run and train, I want to do it again.

But first a marathon PR. I’m looking at May and that means training has already, sort of, begun. Taking the holidays “off” was wonderful for my mental health, I think. I feel ready to train again. Though I look at my log for August and September and remember how for about six weeks I seriously felt like ALL I did was work, run and sleep. It was brutal.

I can’t wait.

(As an aside: I bought a paper log that should be delivered today. I’m too traumatized by not having all my yearly mileage saved!)

Happy running.

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5 Responses to The year in running 2013

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    What an amazing year!

  2. Dave Graves says:

    Thanks for the reminder to back up my computer. Overall, you’ve got to be happy with a year in which you were part of history in Boston and gained a new love — trail running.

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