Currently reading: “The Ghost Bride” by Yangsze Choo

Howdy, friends.

This is what I’m reading now:


And here is a review from USA Today. I’m not too far into it, but it’s good so far. I like anything that dips me into another culture for a while.

Here’s what Booklist had to say:

Choo’s remarkably strong and arresting first novel explores the concept of Chinese spirit marriages in late-nineteenth-­century Malaya through the eyes of the highly relatable Li Lan, a poor but spunky young woman, who is approached by the wealthy family of a dead man to become his bride. Li Lan prefers to rebuff the unusual offer despite its implications of good social standing and financial rescue for her money-strapped family. But when her dreams are brusquely invaded by the rather unsavory dead man, Lim Tian Ching, she realizes she may already be in over her head. Her dead suitor’s living cousin, Tian Bai, now the family heir, further complicates matters as Li Lan wrestles with her very real attraction to him. As the angry ghost becomes more possessive in her dreams, and his family more demanding that she marry him, Li Lan’s involvement with the Lim family becomes even murkier and potentially dangerous. With its gripping tangles of plot and engaging characters, this truly compelling read is sure to garner much well-deserved attention. –Julie Trevelyan

In other book news, last week we discussed Louise Erdrich’s “The Round House” at the book club I’ve run (with the Siouxland Libraries) for 8 years now (I put that in here because I still can’t believe it’s been going on for so long). It was a great discussion. I’ve only read three of her books, but now I want to just mow through all of them. I’ve done that a few times with authors — just read everything back to back to back. From Gillian Flynn to Margaret Atwood. Wondering if I should read Erdrich in order of publication? Any tips welcome. It seems like a lot of her characters reappear.

Happy reading.

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