Post-race hangover

Howdy, friends.

Every time I run a race that I’ve trained hard for, I end up the same way.

The first week I’m super excited and can’t wait to do another one. And I also really enjoy the downtime — no early morning runs, no pressure, sweatpants all the time. Living like a normal person.

Then the next week I get a bit antsy.

By the third week, I’m full on crazed, feeling disgusting and out of shape and convinced if I don’t get going NOW, I’ll turn into some lazy slob.

I’m kind of there right now.

This past weekend, I ran about 12 easy miles on Saturday. On Sunday, I turned down a request to do it again with a friend, trying to be smart and opting instead for a short, solo run. Then I ran into another friend on that, and instead of running the mile home like I had planned, to log a nice 5 for the day, I ended up running him to his neighborhood, then back to mine — for an unexpected 10-miler.

It was no big deal to run that, but it gave me 40 for the week and was probably a little more than I meant to do. My goal has been to cross-train and take it easy the rest of the year.

That never works.

So, now I’m obsessing over next year. Try to get speedy again and run a spring marathon?

Be a wackadoo and shoot for a 50-miler? I’m seriously looking into this and this. They both look horrible/awesome. I don’t know yet. But registration for Ice Age opens in a few weeks, and closes in 2 days, so I better start thinking.

In other running, did you read this? It’s pretty fabulous.

Happy running.

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2 Responses to Post-race hangover

  1. msmidt says:

    I vote that you go wackadoo. I know several people who speak highly of Ice Age; I can’t speak to the other one.

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