Race planning, a conversation

Howdy friends.

Philip and I are trying to organize our many hobbies and obligations for 2014, and last night we had a chat about them. I already know I can’t join several friends on a rim-to-rim-to-rim run in the Grand Canyon in the fall. Too expensive, plus Jack will be in school. And we already have to travel to Denver for a wedding, eating up much of our travel and vacation fund.

Though my sister is in Phoenix, and is willing to watch the kids while I traipse through the Grand Canyon. Maybe that isn’t off the table after all.


I found this race yesterday. It starts at midnight. Fifty miles through the woods. Last year a flying squirrel zoomed by a runner. How funny is that?

I emailed the race to my friend and fellow wackadoo Chris, who seemed game.

The next step was to convince Philip.

Me: So, are you going to the Boundary Waters next year?

Philip: I hope so.

Me: Are you going to run Twin Cities?

Philip: I want to.

Me: OK, good, because I want to go back to Omaha for the 50K again. And I want to do a 50-miler in April.

Philip: OK


Philip: Wait, that’s more than 30 miles.

Me: Right. It’s 50. Fifty miles. In the dark. With flying squirrels.

Philip: If you got hit by a flying squirrel, you would lose it. That would be like a dragon coming after you. I know you. You can’t even handle spiders. You would be terrified.

Me: No! I would be laughing! It would be funny! Things flying into you in the middle of the night is funny! See?

Philip: OK. If you want to do it, that’s fine with me. Just don’t get hurt. You better not get injured.

Me: What would I hurt?

Philip: Just take all the things you’ve injured and put them on the other side of you!

He has a point. Broken elbow. Posterior tibial stress fracture. Two stress fractures in my pelvis. But that was all a long time ago!

So, you know. It’s not quite a plan. But it’s an idea.

Happy running.

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