Currently reading: “The Dinner” by Herman Koch

Howdy, friends.

This is what I’m reading right now:


I’m just over halfway through it — and can’t put it down. I want to call in sick and read it.

Here’s a summary from Booklist:

Already a runaway hit throughout Europe, boasting more than a million copies sold, Koch’s sixth novel arrives stateside, giving readers here a chance to mull over some rather meaty moral quandaries. But not so fast. First, Koch has a few false paths to lead us down. The story starts off casually and unassumingly with a dinner between two brothers, one running for prime minister of the Netherlands, along with their wives at one of Amsterdam’s finest establishments. The other brother, as narrator, sharply ridicules every absurd element of the night to great effect. But just as everything settles in, Koch pivots, and these pointed laughs quickly turn to discussion about their teenage boys and something they’ve done. And it’s at this point when readers will feel two distinct ideologies forming and will face the novel’s vital question: which position to side with? Koch’s organic style makes for a continuously engaging read that, if anything, leaves readers wanting more. Another 100 pages or so exploring these issues further would have been more than welcome, but what is here will no doubt stir some heady debates. –Casey Bayer

Here are a few reviews: New York Times, NPR, Washington Post.

A blurb about it becoming a movie directed by Cate Blanchett.

In typical taper madness fashion, I have five library books out and put hold requests on about 15 more yesterday. I wish I could get into e-readers. My nightstand would be less of a nightmare of falling down piles of books. I’d probably just replace it with different clutter, though. I’m a slob at heart.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons — in large part because I move my book light to my favorite chair, pull up the ottoman and one of our many quilts, and sit there at night with a cup of tea, reading.


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One Response to Currently reading: “The Dinner” by Herman Koch

  1. bookmammal says:

    I read “The Dinner” a few months ago, and I still find myself thinking about the characters. It’s not necessarily one of my favorite books, and I certainly didn’t like many of the characters, but it’s stuck with me–and that’s definitely the sign of a talented writer!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of it–Fall is excellent reading weather!

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