Currently reading … “Thinking, fast and slow”

Howdy, friends.

I just finished “Paris Trout” by Pete Dexter. It was awesome. Go read it.

Now I started two other books …


This is something my husband bought last year, after hearing the author on NPR. I saw it on our book shelf and picked it up. It looks interesting.

Here is a review from the New York Times, which ends with this:

Appraising the book by the peak-end rule, I overconfidently urge everyone to buy and read it. But for those who are merely interested in Kahneman’s takeaway on the Malcolm Gladwell question it is this: If you’ve had 10,000 hours of training in a predictable, rapid-feedback environment — chess, firefighting, anesthesiology — then blink. In all other cases, think.

That’s interesting to me because I love Malcolm Gladwell (who also recently was featured in Runners World.)

And then I picked this up off my nightstand:


And here is a review for that.

Happy reading.


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