Signed, sealed, delivered

Howdy, friends.

I signed up for the Sioux Falls Marathon today.

It’s in 17 days.

That’s not very far away. Normally when you train for a marathon, you know months in advance what you’re getting ready for. Every early morning run, every lunch hour tempo run, every Saturday spent weaving through the countryside is all focused on one thing: Your goal race.

That hasn’t been the case this summer, for me.

I was burnt out after the Boston Marathon in April. Physically and emotionally. I felt (feel) kind of freaked out about a finish line area again, and I don’t want anyone I love standing there, waiting for me. Part of me wonders if I will be able to actually cross the finish line — I just try not to think about it. That feeling is the only residual emotional exhaustion I have from that day. And I’m sure it will pass.

But here I am. With just a few days left this week to get in another long run and then begin a taper I don’t deserve — not like I have the months of high mileage to back it up.

I’m banking on things like experience.

Third marathon in 11 months.

Eleventh marathon overall.

Two runs the past month over 20 miles, and one more to come.

It’s not terrible. Not great, but not awful. My friend Erica will be there, too, with the same random training. My sister Pam will be there, with awesome training for her race. And I joined Team Tiny Miracles, which my coworker formed to honor his family and others who have suffered losses.

Here goes.

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  1. That’s a brave move. Do well and stay healthy.

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